Finding a good dentist is so essential for overall health. Dr. Patel is highly professional and has such a gentle touch. I have commuted from Orange and Ventura counties to keep using her services. Highly recommend.

Rebecca R.

Dr. Patel is the best dental experience I've ever had.

Important context: I hate the dentist like poison, and because of that, I need really nice, patient, compassionate dentists because by the time I end up going, whatever problem I have is usually really bad.

Anyway, Dr. Patel was not only a skilled dentist, but she had incredible bedside manner (as did her entire staff). They also shuffled stuff around for me just to make my life easier. I couldn't say enough nice things about her, her staff, her fellow dentists (one guy named Arthur was also very very nice).

Brendan S.

I had moved to Burbank a year and a half ago without a doctor or a dentist. My boyfriend is from the area and recommended Dr. Patel. Thankfully she's in my insurance network! I went to her for a basic check up and now she's been my dentist ever since. Dr. Patel and her staff are super welcoming and very nice! Veronica, her receptionist, is a sweetheart! They call for appointment reminders, so you can't miss your appointment. The office is very clean! They use pretty high tech equipment for xrays, it's all computerized now. Dr. Patel is very nice and gets to know you. Last time, she mentioned things that I told her in the appointment. Very surprising that she'd remember those details, it means she cares!

They have great hours and also have select Saturdays! The parking lot is free, easy to locate the office, and it's easy to get to. Right off of the freeway.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Patel to anyone.

Maika P.

Dr. Patel is the best. She is always nice polite and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Patel. In fact I recommended her to my husband, who had been seeing the same dentist for 15 years. After his initial visit he was in awe of what a REAL dentist does. She and her staff are always making sure you are comfortable.

The staff (esp. Veronica) are considerate and friendly.

They have great hours and I have never had a problem getting an appointment.

C. S.

Dr. Patel is a great and honest dentist. The prices are reasonable, but the work she does is excellent. She is very honest and caring about your dental health. She is also very patient depending on your tolerance, when work is being conducted a major plus. I recommend this dentist, to those who are seeking, honesty, a doctor who cares, and is patient. Dr. Patel and her staff are it. They're great because they know you by day one, and care a great deal. The only thing is, please do not miss your appointment without a 24 hour notification it'll cost you $25. Overall, you're in great hands with this facility and staff.

Eddie R.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the contact form below.